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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Springtime Vegetable Confetti Pasta Salad

Mirror mirror on the wall, what is the freshest pasta salad of all.
This salad is really tasty and has more veggies than pasta when you finish so maybe this is a veggie salad with some pasta. All of the veggies that I list are recommended but as always if you don't like something or thin of something else that you want to add, you are the boss in your kitchen.

You will need
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Vidalia onion
  • Broccoli stalks
  • Green/Red pepper
  • Roma tomatoes
  • Fresh corn
For the rest
  • Ditalini Pasta
  • Mayo
  • Plain Yogurt
  • Red wine vinegar
  • Salt / Pepper

 So this recipe really lets you work on your knife skills. In other words, be prepared to chop some major veggies. After you wash every thing and peel what's appropriate. Toss your broccoli stalks in a steamer and let them go for 5-7 minutes.

They need to be peeled around the outside to avoid any really tough bits.

Besides cooking the pasta, that is the only other thing you will need to cook for this recipe. The rest is raw. (Raw=Healthier)

So cut up all your veggies the same size as the pasta that you are using so that every thing will be farily consistent throughout. I use Barilla Ditalini because it is well... perfect for this salad. You can boil the pasta whenever you want, keep it nice and aldente would you? Rinse in cold water when it's done. Set aside.

So a couple of cups of each veggie is going to do you right for this recipe. There is no perfect ratio or anything. Cut more of what you like it will start to look like fun stuff in no time.

For the tomatoes, seed them with a spoon so you are only cutting up the outer flesh.

This will keep the pasta from getting soupy.  This will also give you some tomato ammunition for any pasta sauce that you want to make in the future. (foreshadowing?!!)

So now that we have all our veggies cut and the pasta ready to be thrown in.

I really just wanted to get to these pictures.

Looks pretty good to me.So all you need to do now is dress it. How about 2/3 cup mayo 2/3 cups yougurt and 1/3 cup red wine vinegar. 2 tbsp pepper and 2 tbsp salt. Himalayan sea salt is the shiznit but sea salt or kosher salt will work just fine. Mix that all up and add it to the salad. And there you go.


I entered this side dish in the side-dish showdown on  Cinnamon and Spice


  1. Your salad looks fantastic! I am lovin' all the veggies. Healthy and delicious. Thanks for sending it to the Showdown! I'm working on the round-up now - it should be up later tonight.

  2. I would totally change the name of the dish depending on who I was serving it to. My brother for example, would only eat it if it were called a pasta salad with veggies. I, on the other hand, prefer veggie salad with pasta. It's all semantics though. Looks delicious.

  3. Thanks for the comment Joanne. It really is just a matter of perception. Why don't we just call it "delicious" and leave it at that?