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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Too Many Mangoes

Hi all,
OK, I'm almost done with the case of mangoes that I got from the Dekalb Farmers market (9 for $5) After this I'll cook something without mangoes. I promise. I wonder how many times I can write the word mango in this post. mango mango mango. Man what a great word (and fruit).
Aside from hot sauce and pies I took all that delicious ripe mango and cut it all up and froze it. Now what can you do with a freezer full of mangoes? A Lot

Mango Smoothies

1 cup Mangoes (Frozen, cubed)
2 heaping spoonfuls non fat yogurt
2 spoonfuls honey
1/4 cup Juice (I made mine with guava juice mmmm)
(any other fruit you may have laying around)
(optional Crushed Ice 1/2 cup)

Step 1 Blend
Step 2 Drink

You really can put whatever fruit you want to in this recipe if you'd like to. I heard it was good with cherries. But really, what isn't?

Mango Sorbet

2 cups frozen mango

Step 1 Put it in your Cuisinart (if you don't have one, go and get one. You need one)
Step 2 Blend with the chopping blade until smooth.
Step 3 Scarf. Om-nom-nom

Works great with frozen peaches too.

Mango lassi
1 cup plain yogurt
1/2 cup milk
1 cup mango mango mango
2 tablespoons honey or just a big squirt

Step 1 Blend
Step 2 Drink

The frozen mango may take a bit of extra time to break up but at the same time it'll make your lassi nice and cold.


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