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Monday, July 12, 2010

Not your mom's fruit salad

So I decided to go on a fruit kick the other day and a GIANT bowl ended up lasting only 3 days with this amazing versitile fruit salad.

You will need
  • Blackberries 2 pints
  • Blueberries 2 pints
  • Cherries 1 lb
  • Strawberries 2 pints
  • Pineapple 1
  • Grapefruit 2
  • Triple-sec 1/4 cup
So no instructions really needed. Just cut everything up and toss it together. To get partiular make sure there is no white pithy stuff on the grapefruit because it is bitter. and for the cherries I cut them in half and pulled the seeds.
Oh and if you get tired of eating this salad (which I bet you wont) throw it in a blender with some ice for a smoothie or with ice and rum for a ________. Fill in the blank, what would you call it?

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